We are saddened to see Southeastern Bible College close its doors after so many years of faithful service.  We would like to come alongside all SEBC students to continue offering solid Biblical teaching.  We are committed to equipping the next generation of Christian leaders.  

Trinity College of Florida would like to ease the transition for all SEBC students by offering the following:

Guaranteed Acceptance

All SEBC students are welcome to start at Trinity College of Florida for the fall 2017 semester.  

Acceptance is guaranteed for all current SEBC students and all prospective students who were accepted to start in the fall 2017 semester.  Essay, references, scores, and application fee are waived.

Tuition Matching

Trinity College of Florida will match SEBC's tuition rate of $405 per credit hour for the on-campus Traditional Program or $305 for the online or on-campus Adult Degree Completion Program for the duration of the student's time as a TCF student making satisfactory academic progress.  

$200 Amazon Gift Card

Connect with us by submitting the online application by June 30th to be eligible to receive a $200 Amazon Card as a welcome gift from TCF.  

Gift cards will be distributed after students have completed their financial aid and are enrolled in classes.


Like SEBC, Trinity College of Florida is accredited by ABHE and offers many of the same degree programs.  Please contact the Admissions Office for more details.  We look forward to speaking with you.  

admissions@trinitycollege.edu  |  727.569.1411

TCF reserves the right to deny admission based on noncompliance with the student handbook or academic catalog.  Tuition matching is subject to tuition differential based on subsequent yearly rates.  $200 gift card will be distributed after student has completed all necessary financial and academic paperwork and has started classes in the fall.