TCF Honors Program

The Honors Program at Trinity College of Florida is a three-year program. It is designed to provide each participant with an opportunity to achieve academic excellence at the highest level in his or her respective field of study as well as to excel in advanced learning by taking courses that will further develop a Biblical worldview.

Program Content

Classes: Each program candidate will take at least six honor classes during the course of their Sophomore-Senior years at Trinity College of Florida, where one course option can be a two-week intensive class taken abroad taught by Trinity faculty at Oxford University and/or Cambridge University in England. Trinity Honors  Program class options include:

A.  Introduction to Philosophy - additional requirements for Honors Program.

B.   Literature Elective - additional requirements for Honors Program

C.   History Elective - additional requirements for Honors Program

D.  Darwinism, Intelligent Design, and the Rhetoric of Science - additional requirements for Honors Program

E    Contemporary Issues in Ethics and Theology

F.   C. S. Lewis - Apostle to the Skeptic - additional requirements for Honors Program

G.  Western Civilization - Great Books 1

H.  Western Civilization  Great Books 2

I.    Christianity & the Arts (Images of Christ) - additional  requirements for Honors Program

J.    Readings in Christian Thought/Theology

Summer Honors Seminar: During the course of the program, each Honors student will be required to attend and complete the curriculum in one of the summer seminars ( one or two weeks long) offered every summer at Trinity College of Florida or abroad (Summer 2015 seminar is to be held in Cambridge/Oxford, England).

Summer Honors Reading: A total of three books will be read each summer in the Honors Program under the umbrella of “Great Books of Western Civilization.”

Senior Research Project: Each senior student at Trinity College of Florida is required to complete a senior research project that demonstrates research in his or her chosen field. Participants in the Honors Program will successfully complete their research with additional “honors level” requirements added to their project that will set their project apart in keeping with the high expectations of being in the Honors Program. This honors level project will be a multiple chapter research paper or project (art or music) that must be approved in the spring of their junior year by the Honors Project Committee. A proposal paper of no less than 3 pages outlining the paper/project is required 2 weeks in advance of the interview before the committee.

Benefits of Honors Program: Study abroad; tangible recognition on resume; recognition at commencement; diploma, transcript; reception in late April before graduation; medallion at graduation. Advanced standing and better admission into many Masters programs.

How to Enter Program

Qualifications: The Honors Program will be a three-year program where application for admission into the program will take place during one’s freshman year of college.

A.  Minimum score requirement of (29 on ACT)/1290 on SAT) and 3.5 GPA upon graduation from high school OR  a GPA of at least 3.6 obtained during the first semester at Trinity College of Florida.

B.   Interview and recommendation by a faculty member

C.   All applicants must take and pass a 1-hour orientation course in the Spring of their freshman year in order to advance to candidacy in the program.

For inquiries or more information on the Honors Program, please contact the Program Director, Dr. Eric J. Bargerhuff at


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