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C.S. Lewis Honors Seminar

“Knowing Christ in a Skeptical Age”

 August 1-5, 2016

 Co-sponsors: C.S. Lewis Society & Trinity College of Florida

The C.S. Lewis Society is joining with Trinity College in holding a week-long C.S. Lewis Honors Seminar, “Knowing Christ in a Skeptical Age.”  Held August 1-5 on the Trinity College campus at the north end of Tampa Bay, it will be co-taught by Dr. Eric Bargerhuff, Professor of Theology at Trinity College and Director of the Honors Program, and C.S. Lewis Society Director and Trinity Professor, Dr. Tom Woodward.  Several guest lecturers from the Discovery Institute and Dallas Seminary will participate as well. 

The seminar is a “Summer Apologetics/Theology Boot Camp”--designed to equip upper level high school students, college students, and adults of all ages to grow strong in their knowledge of Christ in two dimensions.  First, students will plumb biblical teaching on the depths of Christ’s deity and His roles in creation and providence. Students will study the incarnation, along with Christ’s miracles and teaching, death and resurrection and ongoing Lordship and ministry today. Second, students will confront the gusts of skepticism toward the teaching of Christ, both in the fourth century Arian Controversy, and in the Modern Era, as academic celebrities from the 1800s to today have declared that Christ was “just a good teacher and nothing more.”   New Atheism’s dismissal of Christ will be analyzed, and recent lines of skepticism will be analyzed, coupled with cogent responses from Christian scholars.  John’s Logos doctrine will be probed, along with its relationship with the exquisite complexity in living things, including the “Logos signature” embedded in DNA.

The course will emphasize several keys to deepening one’s personal, relational knowledge of the triune God.  Students will challenged to faithfully abide in Jesus Christ.  Three hours of course credit is available; see the “Frequently Asked Questions” below.


  • What’s the cost?
It is only $200.00 to audit the week long seminar.   For senior citizens and those entering their junior or senior year of high school, the audit price is $150.00.  For those seeking course credit through Trinity College the rate is:  $750.00 (half the regular college rate of $1500).  Contact Mrs. Rachel Noble at 727-376-6911 X306 for more information.
  • How do I receive more information on the web or to begin an application?
Log onto or just go to the home page and click on the link where you see the “C.S. Lewis Honors Seminar” panel.
  • Will students receive briefings from other leading scholars?
Yes, a number of experts in the field of Jesus Studies will lecture as well as those who have pioneered the “Biotic Message” concept.  Students will receive personal Skype briefings by leading scholars in the Intelligent Design, theology and apologetics.  For more information, email Dr. Woodward at
  • When will the course readings be posted?   Should I read some of the readings ahead of time if I take the course for credit?  
It is correct that if the course is taken for credit, at least 50% of the reading should be done before the course begins on August 1.  "Knowing Christ" by Mark Jones will be one of the required readings.  Contact Eric Bargerhuff for a complete reading list:
  • Must students be in the upper level of high school, or college age?
Correct… We admit College Prep students-- entering high school juniors and seniors, and also Collegiate and Beyond students--those in undergraduate and graduate levels, and mature students of any age!
  • What about Room and Board?   Is an affordable housing and meals package available for those who do not live near the college and cannot commute?
Lunch is already included in the seminar fee. A room option is available for $250 for the week (up to 7 nights, as explained below). The location is the beautiful apartments less than a mile from the college.  Transportation to and from the campus will be available if needed. Breakfast and the evening meal are not provided, but a list of excellent nearby restaurants is provided, and our Hospitality Coordinator will help attend to each class member’s needs.  Arrival can be either on Saturday, July 30th, or on Sunday July 31st.  The week’s lodging concludes on August 6th.  

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