Program Features


The TrinityQuest program has several distinct features separating it from other adult degree completion programs.  Our students enjoy the way the courses are structured, the instruction style, life experience credit, and the ability to study with other adult students. 

Course Structure (on-campus & online)

On-campus students in the TrinityQuest program take classes one day a week in four-hour blocks, one course at a time.  This means you don’t have to juggle multiple courses at once and allows you to maximize each course offered.  Each course or module normally lasts five weeks with students organized into small groups or cohorts.  Students may earn 54 semester hours of credit in four semesters of traditional length. All students take one modular course at a time (normally five consecutive weeks). Most students also experience a supervised mentorship in a professional, ministry, or service setting.

TrinityQuest classes are accelerated. Our students tend to have a strong desire to succeed and we are committed to providing the same learning experience in five weeks that is provided in our traditional sixteen-week semester day program. This requires that students demonstrate commitment in attendance, completion of course assignments, and preparation for each class.

TrinityQuest also offers courses online.  This allows you even greater flexibility to finish your college degree.  Whether on-campus or online, you'll have the support you need to succeed. 

Seminar Style Instruction

For on-campus courses, you'll engage in seminar style instruction that leveages your experience with theortical content and knowledge.  As an adult with significant life experience, you have much to contribute and to gain from the classroom. Our courses are structured for seminar-style delivery, with a focus on interaction with the course content, professors, and other students. This allows you to bring your experience and knowledge to the classroom and integrate what you are learning with what you have experienced. Our students often remark that they learn from each other, as well as, from the professor.

Credit For Life Experience

Our goal is to help you achieve your dream of completing your degree. We do that through a combination of prior college credits, courses at Trinity College, online bridge courses, and credit for your life experience.  For those with work and life experience relevant to their degree, we have a Credit by Demonstrated Competency (CDC) process which allows you to receive college credit for abilities and knowledge that you have gained and used outside of a college classroom.

Study with Adults

As an adult, your priorities, experiences, and outlook on life are different from many traditional undergraduate students. You have a focused dream of completing your college degree. Taking classes with other adults who have similar priorities and goals creates a sense of community. You’ll find yourself sharing experiences from your life with fellow students and making graduation day a true celebration with others who, like yourself, have finished their quest.

Career Coaching

As you prepare to enter the workforce with your college degree, Trinity College of Florida is ready to help you succeed.  That’s why we have career coaching.  Through career coaching you’ll have the opportunity to discover your God given strengths, non-strengths, most fulfilling experiences, talents, and skills.  These elements will give you a thorough evaluation of yourself and be used to match you to potential careers, employers, and organizations where you can serve, work, and fulfill God’s calling on your life.             

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