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The President's Circle

Not Early … Not Late … Right on Time!

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God is concerned about the details of your life.  He knows all that is happening and all the moving parts.  Complexity of events is no problem for Him.  Your issues are clear to Him.  Your needs are paramount to Him.  Your aspirations are well known to Him.  Nothing that you are facing is a surprise to Him!  And He is in Control!  Nothing under His control is out of control.

Enjoy the following story:

“Just before the mail carrier arrived, Julia Dixon had accidentally locked herself out of her house.  He said, ‘Mrs. Dixon!  You look so upset.  What’s wrong?’  ‘Oh, I don’t know what I’m going to do,’ she nervously exclaimed.  ‘The door locked behind me, and my neighbor who keeps a duplicate key for me, is out of town.  My husband has a key, but he’s at an all-day conference, and I doubt I could reach him.  How will I get back in?’

“The mail carrier tried to calm her, advising her to call a locksmith. ‘I guess that is my only recourse.’ she agreed, ‘but to tell you the truth, they are expensive, and we can’t really afford any extra expense right now.  Things have been financially tight.’  The mail carrier gently pointed out that she had no other option.  ‘Look, I’d better be on my way,’ he said, ‘but here’s your mail.  Who knows?  Maybe there’ll be some good news inside one of the letters to cheer you up!’ Julia looked through the envelopes.  There was one from her brother, Jonathan.  He had visited the family the previous week for a few days.  She pondered, ‘I wonder why he’s writing so soon.’  When she tore open the letter, a key fell into her hand. ‘Dear Julia’, the letter began. ‘Last week, when I was staying at your house, and you were out shopping, I accidentally locked myself out.  I asked your neighbor for your duplicate, but forgot to return it.  So I’m enclosing it now.’” 

- David Arnold Ministries September 2012

How is that for timing?  How is that for arranging events and meeting the need?  Romans 8:28-29 is alive and well!  Do not doubt for one moment that your Lord knows what you need and when you need it!  Do not doubt for one moment He is aware of what you are facing.  Do not doubt that He possesses all the resources that are required by you. You are in ‘Divine Hands’!

I possess a book with many stories like the above in which are recorded significant and complex events working together for a solution to a difficulty or problem.  It is incredible.  It is beyond statistical numbers and probabilities. The person who is involved is “stunned” and brought to simple amazement!  They are simply signatures of the Divine. God is right on time … like Dr. Charlie Martin, our Vice President for Advancement, says:  Our God is an on-time God!

Hebrews 4:16 ESV states:

“Let us then with confidence draw near to the throne of grace, that we may receive mercy and find grace in time of need.”

The “time of need” comes quickly, many times without warning, BUT GOD!  He is aware, understands, and is able to meet that need … right on time!

Listen to one who holds a Ph.D. in gas kinetics.  He specializes in research that involves electrical and optical properties of organic semiconductors.  His father was an atheist and his mother was an agnostic.  Here is what he said:

“However, I found that as I talked to the Christians I met at university, they could often tell story after story of miraculous happenings not only in their lives, but in the lives of others.  These stories could not be dismissed as mere coincidences—they were far too complicated for that.”

Do not doubt your God is working for you … behind the scenes, in the scenes, and over all the scenes.  Be on the lookout for your answer that is needed!  It is on the way!

The Latest Happenings

▪ The President’s Council was held April 1, 2016. A Power Point presentation, discussion, committee work and suggestions were provided. The need for landscaping the present facility was reviewed along with additional needs of the College. Accomplishments and progress were presented. This is an advisory group of professionals, businessmen and women, educators, and clergy. Their thoughts and insights are utilized by the Board of Trustees.

▪ Scholarship Chapel was held March 18, 2016. Trustees, guests, and friends of the College were in attendance as scholarships totaling more than $24,000 were awarded to students.  Each scholarship is defined according to the sponsors’ wishes or requirements.

▪ A special chapel was held last month for the purpose of understanding race relations in America and how the Gospel of Jesus Christ addresses it. Dr. Ken Whitten, Senior Pastor of Idlewild Baptist Church, and Dr. Jeffery Singletary, Regional Catalyst for the Central Florida Region of the Southern Baptist Convention, participated in discussion with the students along with our own Dr. Joe Allotta, Director of Church Ministries and Campus Chaplain, and Tyler Burton who led the students in the conversations.

▪ The 2016 Sports Banquet will be April 5, 2016. Recognitions, awards and commendations will be given to students who participated in basketball, volleyball, and soccer. A special meal is planned for all attendees. The coaches of Trinity College will be giving leadership to this event along with Al Depoutot, Vice President for Student Development.

▪ The Spring Campus Preview will be April 8, 2016. Over 60 prospective students are expected to attend along with their sponsors/youth pastors. It is an opportunity to experience the classroom, chapel, and other activities at the College. There are times in the schedule to meet with the professors of various disciplines and experience the “Trinity Touch.” Great meals and fellowship are on the agenda. It is a cost free event for all in attendance.  Sign up by clicking here.

▪ Trinity’s 2016 Annual Banquet, For His Kingdom,” will be held on Friday, May 13, 2016, 6:30 p.m. at the Innisbrook Golf & Spa Resort in Palm Harbor, Florida. Southern Raised, an outstanding and talented family gospel group, will be in concert, along with Rev. Ron Walters, Senior Vice President of Ministry Relations for Salem Media. Salem Media, based in Seattle, Washington, is the largest distributor of Christian and family themed programming via radio, internet and publishing. Rev. Walters is an author, educator and businessman who understands the needs of 21st century students. The latest events of the College will be announced. A goal of $225,000 for the Life Change Scholarship has been set to assist students in their academic pursuits at Trinity College of Florida. This scholarship is not endowed, and gifts given are used immediately to assist students financially after they have pursued all other funding possibilities as well as work income. For tickets and table sponsorships, click here.

▪ The 2016 Trinity College Commencement Service will be held the following day, Saturday, May 14, 2016, 10:00 a.m., at Generations Christian Church, 1540 Little Road, Trinity, Florida, featuring Rev. Ron Walters as speaker. Fifty-two students are set to graduate and become the class of 2016.

▪ Under the leadership of Mrs. Cindy Hyer, Director of Library Services, a new Trinity College of Florida library website has been added.  Click here to visit the new site.

▪ New Alumni plans are underway. In addition, the College magazine, The Connection, will soon be at your home. Rev. Sam Thomas, President of the Alumni Association, along with Dr. Kevin O’Farrell, editor of The Connection, is giving leadership to these projects.

Trinity College of Florida hosted a field trip for Pepin Academy. Over 100 students were on campus, enjoying the amenities of the College. 

Urgent Prayer Requests…

▪ Pray for County permission to begin construction of the new Student Residence Hall. Pray for all the donors and participants of this important endeavor.

▪ Pray for Admissions activity for the fall in both the traditional and degree completion programs. The goal is 75 new students in the traditional program and 25 for degree completion.

▪ Pray for the completion of the College’s Five-Year Strategic Plan.

▪ Pray for the graduates of Trinity as they seek to know what the next steps are for their life pursuit.

▪ Pray for the needed gift income for the summer: $150,000.

Something to think about: The total annual cost to attend college (tuition, room and board, books and other amenities) in 1816 was $600.50. Costs have changed!

Serving with you and very grateful for your partnership,


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