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Your Lion’s Den

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I never get tired or bored with Daniel chapter 6!  How about you?  I remembered it from Sunday School, claimed the spiritual lessons from this event for my personal life, and preached on this chapter numerous times at different occasions over the years!  It is just a great read!  If you have never read it, or it has been a long time since you explored this portion of scripture, do so immediately. God is shouting at us from this inspired and recorded historical event!

Daniel had gained favor with King Darius and proved himself more capable than any other administrator or high officer of Darius’ kingdom.  In order to trap Daniel and remove him from his office and favor, they could only trick the King into issuing a law against Daniel and His God.  Daniel continued to seek the Lord for wisdom regardless of the decree that was issued for thirty days. This decree was that no one could pray to any god or anyone, divine or human, except Darius.

When they trapped Daniel, he was found as always “… praying and asking for God’s help.” (Daniel 6:11 NLT)  Space does not permit me to enrich you with all the details of how Daniel was eventually thrown into the den of lions. The King did not want this, but he “sealed the stone with his own royal seal and the seals of his nobles so that one could rescue Daniel.” (Daniel 6:17 NLT) 

The questions were: Would Daniel survive the night?  Would he make it out alive?  Everything was stacked against him … and no one would be allowed to rescue him!

Now … it is possible you feel outnumbered, outgunned, and unknown. You may ask:  Who could possibly help me?  With unpaid bills, no money for retirement, sickness, family problems, lost job, missed opportunities, hurts, loneliness, and worries by the ‘truckload’ and on and on, there is no one to rescue me!  Hopeless and helpless!  Has some event, some discussion, some position taken, or some person ‘thrown you in the Lion’s Den?’  Feeling useless?  Feeling despair?

BUT GOD! You may be locked down, but God is not locked out!  Here is what God promises:

  1. He will Protect You!  In God’s way and in God’s timing, He will provide the canopy of ‘shieldedness.’  When this comes, take notes and tell others!!
  2. He will Sustain You!  You will make it through … you will persevere!  The aid or assistance may come in a strange way, but it will come!  Dr. Sidlow Baxter tells of an event in which young men were making fun of an older woman who was destitute, but praying to God for her meals.  They climbed up on her roof and dropped a loaf of bread down the chimney to watch her reaction.  She was so happy and began praising and thanking the Lord for the bread.  The young men knocked on her door and told her they put the bread down the chimney…it was them, not God. They laughed at her for her simple thanksgiving to God, to which she replied: “My God is so good and strong that He can even use the devil to bring it to me!”
  3. He will Deliver You!  You can count on this!  The deliverance will come!

Daniel experienced all three of these simple truths.  Daniel experienced God’s Attention and Affection!  And you can count on God’s Attention and Affection!  Then He will use your “lion’s den” experience “to preach!”  His Name will be honored and glorified!  And you … well, you will be DELIVERED!

Call upon Me in the day of trouble; I will deliver you, and you shall glorify Me.  Psalm 50:15 NKJV

The Latest Happenings… 

▪  Trinity’s 2016 Faculty/Staff Retreat was held August 10, 2016. It was a time of renewal and refreshment. The President spoke on the importance of Vision. Understanding what God wants us to be and do as individuals and as a college is imperative. Dr. Ralph Enlow, President of ABHE, shared events and challenges that will be facing all Christian colleges and universities in the United States and Canada (54,984 students engaging in 2,493 programs of study).

The 2016 Convocation service was Friday, August 19, 2016 in chapel. With students, faculty, staff, leaders, and visitors in attendance, the message on Vision was presented. The importance of an accurate understanding of God, a truthful view of self, and a realistic view of circumstances were on the agenda to provide a framework for a personal vision of one’s life: who are you, where are you, and what do you need to be in order to do what you need to do filled the air.

▪  Two more approvals need to be achieved by the College with the county in order to begin construction on the new Student Residence Hall. Funds are still needed to complete the three-story facility that will house 90 students. Presently, our residence hall is full and the College is renting apartments off campus. All resident students desire to be on campus. We want Trinity College of Florida to be “home away from home.”

▪  Seventy new students have registered for this semester and are attending the traditional and degree completion programs. It is not too early to register for College Preview on October 28, 2016. Registration can be done by clicking here.  

▪  iServe is scheduled for September 7-9, 2016. This is an opportunity for students to work together, preparing 10,000 meals. The time allows the student to experience helping people first-hand. From this, God’s call is discernible for their minds and hearts to embrace.

▪  The Intersect Apologetics Conference will be September 30-October 1 at the First United Methodist Church in Tarpon Springs. Our own Dr. Tom Woodward is leading this event. Dr. Darrell L. Bock, Research Professor of New Testament Studies at Dallas Theological Seminary, and Greg Koukl, Founder and President of Stand to Reason, will be speaking. Go to for information and reservations. It is a free event along with lunch for all who pre-register.

A gift from Wal-Mart: Each student at the first chapel of the semester received a “Back to College” bag containing everything from snacks and beverages to Post-it notes and hair spray. Other items were given along with coupons and sample products.

The Alliance Southeast District Conference will be September 19-21 in Orlando, Florida. The College will be represented by a number of delegates who are licensed by The Christian and Missionary Alliance and friends of the C&MA.

▪  The Global Impact Missions Conference is set for September 29-30.  Anyone interested in actually sharing at this year’s missions conference should contact Those who cannot physically attend are invited to film a 30-second or less video introducing you and your ministry to our present student body.  These videos will be together in a presentation.  Either upload the video file or youtube link to by September 14 at the latest (but the sooner the better).  

▪  Dr. Peggy Bragg and the Alumni Association are working hard to connect as many Trinity alumni as possible on Facebook.  Regardless of the campus attended, if you would like to see news or updates on your former classmates, log onto Facebook and check out these three alumni sites:

        Trinity Alumni Association (official site),

        Trinity Dunedin Campus Memories

        Trinity New Port Richey Campus Memories

▪  This is a GREAT way to keep up with old friends, to encourage and pray for one another.

Urgent Prayer Requests…

  County approval for the College to move forward with the new Student Residence Hall.

 Spiritual renewal for every student attending Trinity College of Florida this semester.

 Spiritual refreshment for every faculty, staff, and working partner of the College.

 Spiritual impact of students in surrounding communities, churches, and organizations.

 Service and work assignments by the students – that they would be effective and helpful.

 “God may take more pleasure in our attempt to know His mind than in our eventual ability to capture that insight.” George Barna

Now this is something to ponder!

Serving with you,


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