Institutional Effectiveness

Located on the beautiful Gulf Coast of Florida, Trinity College of Florida, has been known for eighty years for the very best in Christian higher education. Named Best Buy in private colleges and universities in the continental U.S. by Consumers Digest Magazine, Trinity College of Florida remains a premier institution for students seeking four and two year degrees. The College’s preparation involves state-of-the-art classroom training, career advancement, community service, internships, and personal support from fellow students, faculty, and staff. With alumni serving around the world in the areas of ministry, economic relief, business, education, government, human services, and communications, Trinity College of Florida is committed to impacting humanity.

Institutional Effectiveness

College Profile

Total Enrollment:  224

Student/Faculty Ratio: 8.73:1

Retention Rate (First-Time, Full-Time Students):  54%

Overall Retention Rate:  82%

6-year Completion Rate:  40%     

Freshmen Statistics

95% of students report attending Trinity because the Lord called them to ministry

94% of students report Trinity faculty members are willing to help

90% of students report Trinity is good at integrating faith in courses

87% of students report a spiritually challenging atmosphere at Trinity

87% of students repot the Trinity faculty are friendly

84% of students report plans to earn a Bachelor of Arts degree or higher

81% of students report their time at Trinity is leading to a better quality of life

Graduating Student Statistics

59% of students report an intention to pursue additional education

77% of students report a plan to pursue employment in their respective professional fields

95% of students report they were satisfied with their academic advisor

95% of students report experiencing a great amount of intellectual and academic growth while attending Trinity

91% of students report experiencing a great amount of spiritual growth while attending Trinity  

91% of students report they were satisfied with Trinity’s application of Biblical Truth in practical living

91% of students report they are proud of their accomplishments


NOTE:  The Freshmen and graduating student Statistics are based on the 2013-2014 Freshmen Satisfaction, Enrolled Student, and Graduating Student Surveys. 

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