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Dr. Elizabeth Earle-Warfel

M. Elizabeth Warfel, Ph.D.

Psychology Department
Trinity College of Florida



▪ Saybrook University, Clinical Psychology, Ph.D. (2005)
▪ Reformed Theological Seminary, M.Div (1995)
▪ The King’s College, Music Ed. B.S  


Scholarly Activities

The Oxford Roundtable, Brass Nose College, Oxford University, 2014
▪ The Oxford Roundtable, Harris-Manchester College, Oxford University, 2010
▪ Warfel, E., Krippner, S & Perakis, P. (2006) A dynamical perspective of post-traumatic stress disorder
Paper presented by P. Perakis at the meeting of the International Society for Chaos (INSC) in Crete.
▪ Warfel, E. (2004) Neurobiological and psychological events are unified through functions of chaos.
Paper presented at the meeting of the Saybrook Florida Regional Group.
▪ The Board of the Saybrook University Alumni Association Council: Secretary, 2007-2009
▪ The Board of the Saybrook University Alumni Association Council: Editor, production manager for Alumni Newsletter, Coming Home. 2007-2009
▪ Board Member, Psymore Research Institute Inc.
▪ Research Associate, Psymore Research Institute Inc.


Warfel, E. (2001) Brains, bodies, bifurcation, and attractors: Chaos rules in post-traumatic stress disorder. Dynamical Psychology.
Warfel, E. (2005) The application of chaos theory to the development of a dynamical systems theory of post-traumatic stress disorder. Dissertation Abstracts 66(8) 4479B (UMI No. AAt3184846)
Warfel, E. (2015) Emotional Engagement in the Classroom: A Key to Academic Success.

Professional Organizations

▪ Christian Association for Psychological Studies (CAPS)
▪ American Psychological Association (APA)
▪ The Society for Chaos Theory in Psychology and the Life Sciences (SCTPLS)

Office: 727-376-6911 x329

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